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For RC6 MCE Remotes using Registry configuration:
Please note that I will try to help you as much as I can with your problems as long as you stick to the subject. Please use this THREAD for support and log your problem or you can just leave feedback if you want. Remember that My setup is for RC6 MCE remotes that use registry configuration to control XBMC/Kodi.

I do not use any third party applications to control XBMC/Kodi hence the main point of this site is to show people how to effectively control XBMC/Kodi the way it should be without using helper applications.

If you have any problem relating to third party applications or you intend to use another helping 3rd party applications like Eventghost or IR Server Suite etc... then please post your problem in their related appropriate threads.

Find all available Windows related help threads here but if you think your problem is unique and does not relate to any of the threads then start a thread of your own and we will try to help you. There are far more knowledgeable people than me in XBMC/Kodi forum so rest assured that you will get help one way or another :-)


Troubleshooting Questions:

If my setup is not working for you then please look at the questions below and make sure you answer them fully when posting your problem on the forum, It will greatly help me figure out the problem and it will enable me to help you faster!

1- What Operating system are you using? The version of the OS i.e. Beta, Final Release, Ultimate etc..? 32bit or 64bit?

2- What Remote are using? Is it Microsoft Comaptible or is it Microsoft Certified?

3- Was the Remote Certified for use with Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7?

4- What IR receiver are you using? HTPC built-in or a USB one? Did the IR receiver come with your remote or did you buy it separately?

5- IF you are using a USB IR receiver have you got a built-in IR receiver in your HTPC by any chance? Have you disabled the Built-in IR receiver before using the USB one?

6- Is your IR Receiver listed as "Microsoft eHome Infrared Transceiver" under the "Human Interface Devices" in the "Device Manager"?

7- Have you tried any kind of software before trying my customised setup? Have you used any apps like EventGhost before using my setup? This is IMPORTANT, if you used Eventghost in the past you might still have the "Hid service disabled" then you need to Enable the HID service again by UNTICKING "Disable hid Service" in EventGhost.

8- Please let me know which version of the .reg file you used or if you used the Auto installer method? 

9- If its Keyboard.xml issue, then please include what version did you use and where did you put it? Also if you changed anything in the Keyboard.xml in the system installation folder of XBMC/Kodi?

10- Finally What XBMC/Kodi version are you using?


Thank you.