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Release Log v2.80.01

1- Fixed compatibility issues and updated for Kodi releases only.

Release Log v2.71.58

1- Enhansments to the installation file for windows 8 and 8.1.

2- added new keyboard.xml file to reflect on the new updates released and to still be compatible with older XBMC installations.

3- other overall minor enhancments.

Release Log v2.60.12
1- The Setup file and all the scripts was rewritten from the ground up that will allow the setup to reboot only when required.
2- Enhanced reliability and support for Windows 7 and Windows 8 paltforms alike.
3- Added New restore mce options to both Windows 7 and windows 8. New settings will be applied automatically with old or irrelvant files will be automatically removed.
4- Added options to install the scripts only if required so that the user can restore a script if modified without the need to reinstall everything and reboot.
5- Setup will automatically detect Windows 64bit or 32bit, the only requirment now is just to select if you are running Windows 7 or Windows 8 only, the rest will be done by the setup.
6- Other minor enhancments and reliablity fixes.

Change Log v1.2.18
1- Minor enhancments and included some fixes to keyboard.xml.

Change Log v1.2.14
1- Minor enhancments including GSB script v1.06.

Change Log v1.1.99
1- Once again fixed installation bug on the 32bit Windows check.

Change Log v1.1.98
1- Fixed location bug in the 32bit installation script.
2- Set "%AppData%\Xbmccustomregis\" install location as default!
3- Added support to restore your MCE remote to its default settings, without having to worry about backup anymore.
4- Added Uninstall option to completely remove all the setup files, excluding Keyboard.xml from your userdata folder just in case you have your own settings in there. Uninstall will return your remote setings to default as well.

Change Log v1.0.2
1- First Release.




Release Log 1.41
1- Changed the "Windows Green Start" Button to send "Ctrl-Alt-Enter" for reliability reasons.
2- Changed the "Teletext" Button to send "Ctrl-F12", to activate/deactivate SmartFocus©.
3- Changed the "# Hash button" to send "Ctrl-F11", to Support Multi-Monitor setup.

Change Log 1.25
1- Added support to a "Play/Pause" Button on an HP HDX Remote.
2- Added Support to a "TV Power" Button on a Microsoft Remote model 1039 Remote, currently set to send PC to sleep.

Change Log 1.24
1- Changed "Win Green Button " to send "Win-Alt-Enter" Microsoft's MCE default.

Change Log 1.23
1- Changed Button "T - Teletext" to send "Ctrl-S" to Take screenshot, Because Red button already sends "Tab" No need for duplication.

Change Log 1.22
1- Changed button "Record" to send "Q".

Change Log 1.213
1- Changed button "0" to send 0 again.
2- Remapped button "8" to send "8" & that's due to the use of JumpSMS in Keyboard.xml.
3- Yellow button changed to "Skip to Next Audio Language"
4- Red Button support Remotes with no Teletext button that can toggle video/visualisation to full screen or to the background

Change Log 1.212
1- Changed button "0" to support Remotes with no Teletext button.
2- Remapped button "8" to send "8" and that's due to the use of JumpSMS in Keyboard.xml.
3- Yellow button changed to "Skip to Next Audio Language"

Change Log 1.21
1- Yellow button changed to "Skip to Next Audio Language"

Change Log 1.20.1b2
1- Green button changed to "cycle subtitles"

Change Log 1.20b
1- Support for new Dharma Keyboard.xml file
2- Rec button now sends default MCE "ctrl-R"
3- Mute button fixed in new Dharma Release "Keyboard.xml" no need for modified Keyboard.xml any more :P
4- Power button activates shutdown menu instead of sending PC to Sleep.
5- Enter button changed to Send "Zoom"
6- blue button changed to toggle videos "Watched" or "Unwatched"
7- "T - 'Teletext'" button & 8 button changed to toggle video/visualisation to full screen or to the background.
8- Supports Zoom button on some controls.
9- Somehow no button that sends context menu "I might be wrong" but I add it to Guide Button any ways. 

Change Log 1.20
1- Rec button now Sends Audio offset control
2- Modified Mute button to actually send a keyboard stroke, Mute button Now control mute function in XBMC and not Windows, which display audio muted in XBMC
3- Fixed button 9 to send 9 as usual
4- Now the Blue button toggles between watched/unwatched videos.
5- Added button 8 to replicate current Teletext button which Toggles full screen modes (either visualisation or video playback) to support remotes without T button

Change log 1.1:
1- Power button now activates shutdown menu instead of sending CTL+F4
2- Enter button now change view mode i.e. normal, zoom etc instead of sending the enter which is already done by the "OK" button
3- 9 button now changed to toggle videos "Watched" or "Unwatched" quickly without going to menus
4- "T - 'Teletext'" button to toggle video/visualisation to full screen or to the background

First Release:
Customised Remote Setup Released.



Release log 2.49

1- Updated keyboard.xml to support New Kodi releases.

Release log 2.48

1- Updated keyboard.xml to fix Xbmc compatibility issues.
2- Fixed several remote issues that stopped working after XBMC 13 updates.
3- Added support for subtitle script to work on xbmc 13+ and Kodi using the dedicated remote
4- other minor fixes to keep compatibility with PVR functions.

Release log 2.00

1- Added minor enhancments to keep keyboard.xml maintained.
2- Fixed the JUMPSMS Setings ones again since the update of eden was broken.
3- Back button reverted to original XBMC settings.
4- Added PVR support as requested by bossanova808, although changed his settings so that they do not confilct with the current MCE settings. If you want to use the PVR features refer to the keyboard.xml for the combinations used.

Change log 1.84

1- Fixed the back button to XBMC default setting.
2- Fixed the JUMPSMS Setings, and the normal number jump in fullscreen video.
3- Fixed playlist arrangement using the channel up and down buttons.
4- Other minor compatiblity fixes for XBMC Eden.

Change log 1.81

1- Fixed playlist add/remove videos in Videos files/library.

Change log 1.80

1- GSB Home Jump Bug fix.

Change log 1.79

1- GSB Home Jump feature added. Green start button will switch to home screen from any view.

Change log 1.78

1- videos button takes you to Tv shows direct.

Change log 1.77
1- added music playlist shuffle, map one of your remote buttons to "g"
In playlist mode will enable shuffle, and will continue shuffling with every press
In Music/Library mode will turn shuffle OFF.

Change log 1.76
1- # Hash button to bring up Playlist window, to support remotes with no Radio button.

Change log 1.75
1- * Star button Will Update the video Library Database.
2- # Hash button Will Clear the Library Database.

Change log 1.71
Updated Keyboard.xml to v1.71 Dharma Beta4 Compatible because I spotted some new stuff not in v1.7 that I used for Beta3

Change log 1.7
1- Channel Up/Down buttons - While in Full Video Screen, they can be used to Zoom video in or out to fine tune your viewing pleasure. Will work normally outside Full Video Screen.

Change log 1.6
1- Changed Radio Button to bring up Playlist window.
2- Record Button will add movies/music queue to your playlist. Also when playlist window is active Record Button will be able to delete your queue in case you added something by mistake.
3- Channel up/Down Buttons Channel up will be able to move "Queue up" and Channel down button will move "Queue Down" when in playlist window, this will help you rearrange your queue for priority viewing. Channel buttons will act normally outside the Playlist window.

Change log 1.2
added JumpSMS support for numeric keypad on MCE remote, so if you press 3 once while in movie or video mode selected movie will jump to "D" press 3 a second time will jump to "E". Note there are Skins out there that support movie searching if you are after that. Like Aeon65.

History log 1.1 FIRST Release.
Modified to include "audio next language" to the remote setup.

GSB Script All in One:

Release v2.39

1- The script updated to work on all new Kodi releases.

Release v2.38

1- The script was rewritten to be more flexible and to enhanced its performance with better XBMC handling so that if XBMC is windowed or minimised the script will maximise XBMC and at the same time remeber where XBMC started on Screen 1 or Screen 2 etc. So next time when XBMC starts it will start in the correct screen.

2- Now the Script supports Windows 32bit and Windows 64bit, so it will work in any Windows operating system from windows Vista and above. It might work in Windows XP but there is no guarantee

3- Also the script now contains SmartFocus© and Simple Multi-Monitor support, all features are explained in the Features page.

Release v1.06

1- Enhanced the Script performance with better XBMC handling in windowed mode and can bring back and force XBMC to take focus better than ever.

2- Added Multi-Screen support, Can extend to a second monitor and disable it as well. This function can be used by mapping one of your remote buttons to "Ctrl+F11". No need to use your PC monitor any more! All can be done from the remote now =D

Release v1.03

1- Fixed (GSB Home Jump) bug.

Release v1.02

1- Added (GSB Home Jump) script, when XBMC is active it will take you to Home Screen.

Release v1.01

1- Fixed XBMC location for both 64bit and 32bit OS versions

FIRST Release by igjunk v1.00

1- Start XBMC, if minimized then Maximize it and if out of focus Bring it back to focus.




Release v.2.02.301

1- updated to work on Kodi.

Release v.2.01.287

1- First Release, enables XBMC to stay on the top of your screen all the time therefore benefiting from using the real full screen option for beter performance.



Multi-Monitor Script:

Release v.1.18

1- updated to work on Kodi.

Release v.1.16

1- First Release, enhanced performance to extend and start XBMC, then when used again it will close XBMC and revert to Screen #1 automatically.



Super GSB Script:

Release v.3.46

1- updated to work on Kodi.

Release v.3.42

1- First Release, includes all the above but instead of having the normal extend monitor script on the All in one GSB it uses the Multi-Monitor Script instead.