Support This Project

Thanks to John Rennie as I have used and collected most of the information in my pdf tutorial from his site, and made it easy to comprehend so that any one can edit reg files manually. Without the info he collected/created and made available in one place I would have not known from where to start or what to do.
Thanks to the XBMC Forum and all the guys helping out.
Thanks to XBMC dev team for creating XBMC, thanks to all the guys who are working hard day and night to make XBMC as good as it is today.
Thanks to all the guys working hard on the XBMC Skinning and for making it an eye candy that we can never live without.
Finally thanks to all and everyone who contributed and still contributing to the scene. We have come a long way since the first XBOX days and hope that all continue their great work.

Kind Regards,
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