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Customised MCE Remote Registry Setup:
It cannot get any easier than this!

On a side note It's better to have the latest XBMC/Kodi release installed, your Remote installed and functional before you start. If you want to check your remote compatiblity then check this Wiki

Are you using Windows XP and you can not find/install the ehome Driver for your remote, then I can't guarantee that my setup will work for you. Actually it might not work at all!


If you can not make your setup work and you want to get help then please check out the Support page first! Do not forget to go through the troubleshooting questions as well :-)


**Human interface Devices Note:
Please check that you have "Microsoft eHome Infrared Transceiver" in Device Manager_> Human Interface Devices. if you can not find this driver then you might have a clone/cheap remote that use an incompatible "HID compliant consumer device" which is not 100% configurable, but if there's a problem then there must be always a solution or a workaround! Visit my thread for more info.

**EventGhost Note:
If you still have Eventghost installed make sure the "Disable hid Service" in EventGhost is Unchecked.

**XBMC/Kodi Note:
ENABLE "Remote Control Sends Keyboard Presses" in Settings_> System_> Input Devices




XBMCCustomregis Setup v2.80.01:

For Kodi v.14.2 & newer releases:


1- If you choose to use this method then you still need to take care of the above Notes before proceeding, and make sure that your remote uses the "Microsoft eHome Infrared Transceiver" because if your remote does not use it, then this setup will not work!

2- Download from HERE. Make sure you select the correct setup option depending on your Operating system, if its Windows 7 or 8 etc..

3- Install Autohotkey so that the GSB script work properly. During installation it allows you to choose 64-bit or 32-bit, choose the right one depending on your operating system.


Please Note: If you already installed v2.71.58 then all you need to do is install the latest Xbmccustomregis v2.80.01. This setup file was created under Windows 8.1, also it was tested on Windows 7, and 8.1 "64bit and 32bit" editions! I have dropped support for windows xp, but you can try to set it up manually from here.

If you have your own .reg configuration settings then make sure to back up your registry file becuase the setup will overwrite all your settings also if you have custom keyboard.xml settings in %AppData%\XBMC\userdata\keymaps then copy it to somewhere safe before running the setup because the setup will overwrite any keyboard.xml file in your userdata folder. After installing the setup you can copy over your keyboard.xml without losing your own keyboard.xml settings :-).


For XBMC v.13 & older releases v2.71.58:

1- Download from HERE. Make sure you select the correct setup option depending on your Operating system, if its Windows 7 or 8 etc..




***v2.80.01 setup file contains the latest core files as follows:

I- Config.reg v1.41.

II- Keyboard.xml v2.49.

III- GSB script All in one v2.39.

IV- SmartFocus© v2.02.301

V- SuperGSB Script v.3.46

VI- Multi-Monitor Script v.1.18

See the release logs page for detailed changes of each file! Click here to find out about the goods in keyboard.xml.

The simplest and fastest setup ever for your RC6 MCE remote!

Enjoy :-)